CAG PCI 해석 부탁드립니다.

approach RT. Radial 5fr sheath

Crossover RT. Radial 6Fr sheath

cathethers 카테터
LCA : 5Fr, JL 3.5, RCA : 5Fr,JR4,  LVG : not done
Rt guiding catheter 6Fr JR 4.0 (SH)
Lt guiding catheter 6fr XB 3.0 (SH)
guidewire runthrough/CION

Finding and /or Procedures

-LM : Normal
-LAD : dual LAD, diffuse 90% LN /c TIMI 3
-LCx : pLCX tubular 40% LN
-RCA : mRCA tubular 50% LN
       dRCA to PDA diffuse 95% LN /c TIMI 2-3

lkazuchi 2.0x20 at dRCA-PDA upto 8atm
RS 80% LN
Orsiro 2.5x26 at dRCA to PDA upto 8atm
RS 30% LN
Radien 2.5x10 at dRCA upto 12atm 
RS 0%, TIMI 3,

lkazuchi 2.0 x 20 at mLAD upto 12atm
RS 80%
Orsiro 2.5x30 at mLAD upto 8atm
RS 30%
Raiden 2.5x10 at mLAD upto 18atm
lkazuchi 2.0x20 at LAD proper os 
sequential Raiden 2.5x10 at LAD upto 18atm
RS 0%, TIMI 3, good

successful ftenting at mRCA to PDA with Orisiro 2.5x26 
mLAD with Orisiro 2.5x30